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In today’s digital world   It is now a lot easier for the artist to spread his content or artworks globally  Especially, our team works with artists in rural areas and artists who are not publicized. so we can help you to reach your art to maximum people.

The artwork you are selling on this website is beautiful and technically best.  You need the best quality of colors, canvas, paper, surfaces, etc. We believe that is the responsibility of the artists.

Take a nice photograph of your painting. While taking photographs of the painting, there should be natural clear light. Or there should be mild and clear sunlight.

Keep the painting straight. Do not tilt it. The four sides of the painting appear in the right angle at the camera. The photograph should be clear.

After that, you can use Photoshop software or any other editing software on the computer or in your mobile device to crop the photograph properly.

Your painting’s image has to make a minimum of 1200 x 1500 pixels. Make sure that your image does NOT exceed 5 MB and is in the color format of RGB (not CMYK)

You need to keep the original paintings to post on the website for more details check out our shipping page. To ensure that the color of the canvas or paper does not get spoiled, roll it in butter paper and bubble paper, or keep it in a cardboard box. Keeping this painting in your store, take care that water, fire, dust, and soil should not worsen painting.


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Artists can start uploading artworks. Please fill the description of works like title, style, size, price, about medium and also fill your thoughts about that works in description box. 


you can edit


If you want to edit your artwork after uploading though you can make changes in size, description, image, or in any field. always check out before uploading artworks. after serving artwork, your art will approve by the curator then it will live for sale. Good luck!