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The arts work you are selling on this website is beautiful and technically best. We believe that this responsibility is of the artists. You need the best quality of colors, canvas, paper, surfaces etc.

Take a nice photograph of your painting. While taking photographs of the painting, there should be a special light. Or there should be mild and clear sunlight.

Keep the painting straight. Do not tilt it. The four sides of the painting appear in the right angle at the camera. The camera taken photograph should be clear.

After that, Photoshop software on the computer or with the help of the Image Creator app on mobile, and crop the photograph properly. Your paintings image have make a minimum of 1200 x 1500 pixels. Make sure that your image does in the color format of RGB (not CMYK)

Need to keep the original paintings available for sale on the website. To ensure that the color of the canvas or paper does not get spoiled, roll it in butter paper and bubble paper or keep it in a cardboard box. Keeping this painting in your store, take care that water, fire, dust and soil should not worsen painting.

There is no charge from the artist for displaying paintings on "" online art gallery. When the painting is sold, the amount will be credited to your account by deducting 45% commission and other taxes.

How to sell Paintings, Drawings and Handicrafts Online?

First send your profile photo and name, address, biodata to create your account.

Then send some images of your paintings.

Send along with the title, size, medium, price of the painting.(width, height in inch)

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