My Story 

I am very happy to start this online Art Gallery.

I was born in a village called “Dhotra” in the Ajanta mountains. I have loved the Ajanta mountains since my childhood. Wandered a lot in the mountains with childhood friends. There are different birds, different animals, different plants here. Springs of water, waterfalls delight the mind. The culture here is romantic and enjoyable. Also, people here are very hardworking. Their main occupation is farming and herding cattle and goats. Folk art here is very famous. I have used that dialect beautifully in my writing. Ajaintha frescoes, after seeing the glimpse of the colorful soil, the colorful soil, the color of the leafy color, the smoky and the blue Rajvart, the wonderful colorful paintings that are used by the painters, the mind becomes stunned. These beautiful murals can be imagined by Indian artists to have full knowledge of the art of drawing. 

I remember a lot of my childhood in the Ajanta Mountains. I used to be a stranger in the hills along with friends. Ajanta caves looked a lot. Paintings in the caves give pleasure to the mind. Seeing the paintings of the Ajanta caves, I was inspired by the paintings. Paintings were liked and I also started painting. Later people started calling me to paints on the walls of the school, on the walls of the house, on the walls of the temple. I started painting based on the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata, in which Ajanta style influenced my work. Every year my village has a big festival. There were many touring talkies. It was fun to watch movies in that tent. I was painting posters of movies. When I came to Aurangabad city for education, I started painting as a shop’s boards, hoardings, and do wall paintings of advertisement. Many days I have worked with painters. After some years I worked as an illustrator in the Press Line. Right from the time I was studying in school, I had an interest in writing stories and poems. There was an interest in reading books. People recognized me as a writer and painter. That’s why I got the work of book covers. Some of the books I have written are famous. Koyata’, ‘Daat’ two novels. A story collection of ‘Mansa An Kansa’. ‘Nagatandva’ drama. I got the award of honor for this work. Some of my paintings were sold in other countries. The credit goes to some of the famous online art galleries. In the city where I live do not have a good environment for Paintings sale. So I thought I would do something for all the painter’s friends. I thought I should have a beautiful gallery. And I decided to start online galleries for all my painter friends in the world. Today’s information technology is a great help. It’s easy to see and shop for art lovers by the online gallery. Your painting is an opportunity to popularize and sell the painting in the world. In particular, our team works in rural areas and far-reaching painters. The name ‘wepainters‘ given to this online gallery is very good. I’m glad to announce that this gallery is yours. All these Artist friends should participate in this event. Wish you good luck on your art journey!